Taiwan has LED lighting standards improve international competitiveness
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Date: 2019-04-25
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In energy conservation and carbon reduction trend LED, LED lighting products, to improve product quality and safeguard the rights and interests of citizens, Taiwan bsmi reference published by the international electrotechnical commission IEC international standard, formulate CNS 15467-1 "light source control gear - part 1: general rules and safety regulations", the CNS 15467-2-13 "light source control unit - 2-13: LED module with dc or ac electronic control unit in the individual regulation", the CNS 15592 light source and light source the light of the biological system security, CNS 15603-1 "lamps and lanterns properties - part 1: general requirements", the CNS 15603-2-1 "properties - part 2-1: lamps and lanterns of LED lamps and lanterns in the individual regulation" and the CNS 15602 "general lighting LED module - performance requirements" and so on 6 kinds of national standards, announced on November 15, 101.

This set of 6 kinds of standard, three related to product safety, three related to product performance. In security, CNS 15467-1 and 15467-2-13 (CNS) for safety testing standards of LED module with control device for insulation, grounding, protection against electric shock, heat resistance and flame resistance and other projects involving safety inspection; CNS 15592 for the LED light source and the light of lamps and lanterns of biosafety assessment standard, in view of the infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV) and blue eyes and skin and other parts of the human body the harm degree, may cause by providing the basis of testing and evaluation. In terms of performance, performance evaluation standards of CNS 15602 for the LED module and CNS 15603-1 and 15603-2-1 (CNS) performance evaluation standard for the LED lamps and lanterns, respectively for LED modules and lamps and lanterns of luminous flux, luminous efficiency, light distribution, chromaticity, in color, beam involves the performance of the project, such as maintain rate and life gives the basis of test and evaluation.

Taiwan bsmi said, has formulated 32 kinds of LED lighting related standards, including 3 control device and lighting products, 12 and 17 kinds of lighting component and module, covering the LED application, middle and downstream of the industrial chain. This set of 6 kinds of standards is to reconcile the IEC international standards, can be used as LED lighting related products design, manufacture and testing of the basis, period effect of leading industry in line with international standards, and promote the quality of the LED lighting products and security has reached the international level, promote the international competitiveness of industry.

Because the LED technology is developing continuously, industry continued demand for standards, the bsmi will continue to grasp the international trend, timely reconciliation and LED related standards.

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