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  • Lighting market several big trend analyses

    It is lighting. LED light sources can be used instead of traditional light sources to make the light more soft and longer, and the products can be used for remote control or only by high-tech means.

  • LED industry is difficult to have explosive growth

       Observe global LED lighting market, industry institute IEK estimates of the overall market size is less than $10 billion last year, the market will be about $2020 in 79 billion

  • Global LED lighting into the high growth

     All the provinces in the U.S. and Canada, such as San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles gradually in the second half of 2012 have LED street lamp replacement program launch

  • Household LED lighting on the map

         The Shenzhen government’s move triggered speculation in the city’s LED industry. The user only lights the LED lights during the day to save electricity. The light is more sufficient.