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  • LED lighting related standards in Taiwan

    The effect of leading the industry and international standards will be brought into play, and the quality and safety of LED lighting products will reach international standards.

  • Who can break LED lighting speed melee shuffle?

    " Wu Shirong, director of the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center, said, "If China's LED industry has a unified standard optical component, the LED industry.

  • Snow Wright health LED lighting bulb

    Snow Wright health LED lighting series products in addition to excellent quality, the product itself has also benefited from high-value, snow Wright in the channels.

  • Wireless OLED lighting panels

        Can achieve radio can transmit because of Toshiba in the OLED panel joined the integrated electromagnetic induction type of radio transmission technology.

  • LED lighting lamps and lanterns stores how broken

    Guo Xiu: As the competition in the lighting market continues to heat up, the competition in the lighting stores is also intensifying, and the content of competition is constantly emerging.