Bao lighting enterprise concept

Business philosophy: light is responsible for

Corporate philosophy: respect and return for each partner, achievement ego, reveal the value;

Enterprise tenet: true, robust, passion, breakthrough;

Enterprise spirit: heart, active, mutual aid and win-win;

Enterprise target: create first-class private enterprises in China;

Enterprise policy: cultivating the excellent talents, provide product and service efficiency, creating taste life.

Bao lighting enterprise values

Product concept: product as the carrier, meet the demand, create demand, increase the quality of life and consumer grade;

Employees view: staff is the source of corporate profits, we with gratitude return to equal treatment, human welfare and the development of space;

Talent: suitable is the best, applied in the training, and return to development space;

Customer view: the customer approval is our survival fundamental, is our value; Choose the customer quality, provide product and service efficiency, promote mutual competitiveness, realize win-win;

Development concept: no one successful development of the enterprise is the cost of the development of the employees, customers, a comprehensive balanced development is the foundation of the steady and strong.