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Bao lighting agent wholesale 5 big advantage

1, brand advantage

To treasure lighting 10 years focused on lighting product design development manufacturing, trustworthy professional brand, product won the famous brand "" household lighting, become numerous wholesale distributor, agent of choice for lighting brands

2, product advantages

To treasure lighting products through the national 3 c certification, from product design, development, production workshop and so on each link strict control, quality assurance, quality and reliable!

3, design advantage

Housing lighting treasure have LED the whole home lighting, modern low-voltage crystal lamp, contracted and contemporary lamp and so on three big series of products, style diversification, product cost-effective for your multiple choice, a month a lot of new fund listed, allows you to maintain its leading position in market competition has been!

4, price advantage

To treasure lighting is a set research and development, design, production and sales in a body's manufacturer, mature stable raw material suppliers and reduce the intermediate links, the biggest benefit to the dealer, to provide customers with the most cost-effective lighting products!

5, service advantages

To treasure lighting delivery fast, punctual delivery, professional after-sales service, help you solve the problem of all kinds of after-sales, long-term after-sales quality tracking, regular phone pays a return visit, the biggest limit to safeguard the interests of customers, service just to let you more rest assured!