China merchants to join

Bao lighting stores joining process

1, is interested in consulting understand details of league, submit the application form and communication with the headquarters or logistics center;

2, we arrange the marketing personnel to the interested in joining the customer on-site survey;

3, both parties think conditions are right, the dealer sign regional distribution cooperation agreements with the company, the two sides signed a contract on behalf of the photocopy of id card, business license is required to provide;

4, dealers according to the contract requirements, one-time payment will be the first HuiKuanE we;

5, provided by the dealer store site plan for our company, if necessary, we shall arrange to survey;

6, designed by our storefront renovation plan. We send professional staff to guide to decorate, renovated by our relevant personnel according to the design plan review decoration effect;

7, we selected the first batch of stores display samples sent to the dealer to install. Dealers according to sample the first distribution plan agreed with our company, produced by our company according to the distribution and distribution in place.