China merchants to join

Bao lighting after-sales service

1, enjoy the supply of unified standard, competitive price, and the timely processing of business problems.

2, enjoy living treasure lighting standards for the construction of investment VI system, information system and management software.

3, to treasure lighting will ensure timely supply of chain enterprises, shorten the delivery time and reduce the freight cost.

4, improve industry status, joining b&q bao bao lighting brand lighting can be used directly

5, access to lower operating costs and the improvement of management level.

6, management handbook: include human resources management guidance, business purchasing management, logistics management, guidance, etc.

7 guidance and after-sales service management, customer management and customer management system.

Eight, to treasure lighting will be joining the customer together with do detailed market analysis and investment benefit analysis

9, the chain of the problems existing in enterprise management, to treasure lighting will give guidance in time, points out the reason, mutually agreed to adjust business strategy.

10, to treasure lighting will assist the enterprises to compete in the regional market, to resist risk with mutual competition